Joanna Hope

Dip.Hyp CS, Dip.PC, Ad Dip.PC, MHS, MNCS (Accred), O.A Dip (CB)


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Animals have been used within therapy for various reasons for many many years with some evidence of being a fantastic benefit.

I wanted to try and develop this practise to be able to incorporate my beloved pets within my work to benefit clients further.


The presence of animals themselves provides a soothing atmosphere and can more quickly build rapport between therapist and client. Some clients who come to see me may be children, or clients with learning difficulties, by interacting with these animals, it may put these clients more at ease and enable them to feel more happy to open up and start to talk.


Some clients who come through my doors have been through very extreme issues in their past and find it very difficult to be able to sustain a session without taking a small break due to emotions being looked at, these animals can be used for these clients to enable them to feel some release and relax before re-commencing the session.


In addition to the previous, animals have built-in survival skills. This makes them able to pick up social cues imperative to human relationships. All of my animals come to call and have the most amazing personalities. As a therapist, I then can process this information and portray it to the client and use it to help clients see how their behavior affects others. By having those animals there, I can do this in an immediate way and by using the animals as the visual cue.


By using the Pathview animals, I hope to be able to build a rapport, trust and a relaxing atmosphere which will enable me to be able to give even better help and support to those who are trying to improve self-esteem and confidence, develop social skills, as well as providing help for anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) amongst a myriad of other uses.


All of my Pathview animals are registered with the relevant authorities and I have my CPH holding number and DEFRA documentation. They are all given the utmost respect and care from a 5* home. Washing facilities are provided for those who would like to stroke them including hand sanitation facilities.